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Debating Our Destiny

MacNeil/Lehrer Productions is committed to documenting the history of the presidential debates, and produced the Emmy Award-nominated Debating Our Destiny: Forty Years of Presidential Debates in 2000. Hosted by Jim Lehrer, this program sits down with nearly every presidential and vice presidential candidate from campaigns back to 1976 to find out what goes into preparing for the biggest moment of the campaign season. A sequel, Debating Our Destiny II, was produced in 2008 and covered the 2000 and 2004 debates. An accompanying book was published in 2012.

These books and videos also feature exclusive interviews with the executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates and journalists who have had the honor of moderating. Historical perspectives from Michael Beschloss and Richard Norton Smith explore the moments that mattered and the role debates play in the democratic process.

Debating Our Destiny is available to purchase on a four-disc DVD set that includes both parts of the documentary. The accompanying book is sold in paperback and as an eBook for the Kindle and Nook eReaders. An enhanced version of the eBook is also available for the iPad, featuring 60 video clips alongside the text.