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PBS NewsHour Extra

Aimed at middle and high school teachers and students, PBS NewsHour Extra provides free, quality educational resources to help students better understand current events and the news. Extra works with educators to develop tools for teachers, including lesson plans, classroom videos, worksheets and teacher guides. The Extra website also offers original features written for students and a daily video blog featuring a story from the NewsHour matched with a viewing guide and questions for discussion.

The Extra website also hosts Student Voices. This project publishes students’ reports about how the news affects young people, giving students an outlet to speak out on important issues, as well as improve their writing and communication skills.

NewsHour Extra aligns to Common Core, McREL and ISTE standards, and, through our partnership with PBS Learning Media, with learning objectives in all 50 states. Extra is consistently among the most-visited sections of the NewsHour site, with an average of 170,000 visitors per month. Extra also offers specially-tailored educational services.

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Developed by MacNeil/Lehrer productions and PBS with input from the educational community, the.News (link to is an online news broadcast for current events aimed at teens. Designed for use in the classroom, in afterschool programs and at home, the.News uses video journalism to present topical stories about social studies, language arts and the sciences, while teaching critical thinking and media literacy in a way that engages students.

For educators, the.News includes dozens of lesson plans designed around particular the.News video segments. These plans reach across different subjects to tie topics together – for example, the video The Internet of Things: IoT offers three separate but complementary lessons designed for use in science, social studies and language arts classes. Available to teachers anywhere, these resources are already in use district-wide in Omaha public schools.

The.News also features YOU.edit, a Web-based video editing program that allows students to learn journalism editing skills as they piece together their own reports from a selection of video clips, photos, effects and transitions, combined with their own audio and captions. These reports can be shared online for other students to view and discuss. YOU.edit is also used in programs at the New York Hall of Science and the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus.


Student Reporting Labs

The Student Reporting Labs project connects at-risk high school students with a network of mentors in public broadcasting who teach them to produce, shoot and edit their own news reports about how national issues affect their communities. Over a dozen public television stations have partnered with the project, providing support.

In classrooms and afterschool programs from Alaska to Texas, Reporting Labs students have created reports on topics such as:

  • The Texas drought, as seen through four lenses: wildfires, water-use restrictions, impact on activities and the foundations of houses
  • An Alaskan school’s outdoor classroom where teens can learn about ecosystems and environmental responsibility
  • Science-related summer programs available to Chicago-area teens
  • Causes, effects and containment methods for oil spills
  • Coastal erosion in Louisiana

The Labs website also offers public resources for teachers, including lesson plans and worksheets to help teach the fundamentals of journalism such as “What is Newsworthy?” and “Interviewing: The Art of Asking Questions.”